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Everybody loves the fun-times party boy who lets himself go and has no limits on indulging in the good times. Trust me, I got my share of good times out of living that life and I am lucky enough to have been able to share the party with so many people.

But there comes a time when the loose unit no longer has a place in your life, and the destruction begins to outweigh the fun times. That is what happened to me. I was eating poorly, drinking and taking drugs, partying way too hard, and working out was far down the list of priorities and the more I matured as a person, the more painful those bad habits became.

Something had to change. 

The first step was cutting out the obvious ones: no more drugs and alcohol. I went completely sober which brought me back to a level setting. Going to the next level was an entirely new challenge, and I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as flicking a switch, so I got in touch with Will Schmarr to lend an expert perspective. Together we worked through the challenges of my past patterns, the damages it was doing, and paved a path forward to a better version of myself, covering everything from mindfulness to nutrition, weights training to running.

Now, I feel better than I ever have before. I look in the mirror and I am genuinely proud of the person I see looking back at me, and that is a feeling I want you to experience as well.

Schmarr Fitness and I have documented my journey into programs that are designed to support you in making that difficult move to evolve your life and transform the habits that don’t serve you!

I was motivated to make change, and I want to share that with you!

Ultimately, what we all want in life is happiness. The problem is that so many people (my former self included) have happiness confused with fun. Whilst fun is a crucial part of happiness, it isn’t the full picture and chasing fun times in the wrong ways leads to unhappiness. I will show you how to transform your life into one full of true happiness with fitness, nutrition and a positive mindset, without losing the fun times. 

Mindset Manual & Nutrition Guide – $49

In this program you will learn how to identify what doesn’t serve you and replace it with new habits that will, apply principles for life that foster a positive outlook and a happy everyday mentality, and transform your daily nutrition habits to fuel a healthy body and a happy mind.

Training Club – $39

Work through multi-focused fitness programs and test yourself along the way with key performance measures, access over 50 videos to refine your technique and train with perfect form, and be supported with tips and tricks from other motivated fitness friends.

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