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The Schmarr Fitness team is committed to helping support you reach your fitness goals. Schmarr Fitness was created to connect personal trainers with influencers and design a platform to not only release programs but build a community of like-minded individuals. Will has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition, while training with influencers he developed the concept of Schmarr Fitness as a platform to share these results with the wider community.

Will Schmarr

Founder / personal trainer

Will Schmarr is an accomplished personal trainer and featured model based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, a home for many of Australia’s influential health and fitness personalities. His passion for health and fitness has extended from a decade long personal interest to a successful career as a Cert IV in Fitness qualified personal trainer and an Advanced Level 2 qualified nutrition coach. His career as a model includes major campaigns with fashions labels like Tommy Hilfiger and Industrie, and household sporting labels including Gymshark, Adidas and many others.

Over the past 2.5 years, Will’s experience as a model and skills as a personal trainer has developed into a tailored approach of fitness and health coaching that is uniquely fitting for ‘known individuals’. He has coached and worked with some of Australias most notable social media personalities and as the founder of Schmarr Fitness, Will and partnered influencers are helping their proven health and fitness success be available to the wider community.

Ian D'Andrade

mentor / personal trainer

Ian has spent over 25,000 hours working with people from around the world to reach their goals, with a relentless passion for helping people achieve a better quality of life through fitness. His methodologies are have been honed and developed for more than a decade to produce results and have benefited clients from beginners to world class athletes and everything in between. Known for his insatiable drive to expand his skill and knowledge base, when he isn’t coaching his clients down at the NQ Fit Factory, you will almost always find him reading, learning, training to expand his expertise.

Ian has mentored Will from the very start of his career, moulding him and teaching him the skills to be a high level, effective health and fitness coach. He has had an important role in the creation of Schmarr Fitness by passing on his outstanding knowledge and love for the fitness industry.