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Since the age of 13 I have had a really damaging and toxic relationship with my body, one that led me down a path of negative self talk, body shaming, starving myself, and struggling with body dysmorphia. My lifestyle was extremely unhealthy, and as a result so was my mind. 

I put myself through such extreme measures to try and achieve the body I wanted, which could have been life threatening. My relationship with food was fractured and I went from hardly eating at all, to a few years later eating whatever I wanted and starving myself for two days before having to take a photo for Instagram. My habits were unhealthy and unattainable. 

I got to a point where I knew I couldn’t keep going like I was because I would end up with severe health issues. I wanted to achieve my desired body in a healthy way and live a life where I was confident in my body and not have to starve myself, yoyo diet or look for a ‘quick fix’ to achieve that. So I committed to making a huge life change, prioritised ‘health’ instead of ‘skinny’, created new healthy eating habits, introduced exercise into my lifestyle and put the work in to shift my mindset. 

My eBooks are guides to looking and feeling great, with a focus on creating a positive relationship with your body and your life! 

In my eBooks, I have taken every lesson I have learned over the past eight years of my health journey and shared them with you, so that you can create a healthy and balanced lifestyle where you feel confident and comfortable in your body every single day. 

Wellbeing Guide – $49

This Ebook shares my entire health journey and everything I’ve learnt throughout it up until this very point in my life. From struggling with body dysmorphia and having an extremely negative relationship with food, to feeling confident, healthy and happy in my body.

Body Bible – $39

My Body Bible is my exact exercise routine which has gotten me to the best physical and mental state I’ve ever been in. I explain how exercise changed my life in the best way possible and give you everything you need for it to change yours.

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