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In order to be the best version of yourself, you have to be the healthiest which is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey. One that I’ve been on since I was 15 years old, when I first realised I was gay.

I hid my sexuality and constantly tried to change who I was so I could ‘fit in’, and after three years of living with that toxic ideology I knew if I continued to live like that I would end up full of hate and resentment. I made the decision to work on my mental and physical health so that I could be the confident and happy person that I so desperately wanted to be.

I am finally in a place where I am sure of myself and proud of the person I’ve become. I have figured out how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle by making exercise, nutrition and a positive mindset a priority. I want to share my journey of struggles, lessons and tools that I’ve gathered along the way so that you can live the life you truly deserve. A happy, healthy and authentic one.

My Ebooks are guides to look and feel great, but mostly on how to be unapologetically you! 

I share with you the important tools and methods which I learnt along my journey of self discovery and personal development. These tools didn’t just get me to the place of inner peace which I’m at now… they allowed me to go from surviving to thriving.

Live Authentically – $49

Mindset Manual

This is my full story of personal growth and self-discovery, sharing the journey I went through to get to where I am today.

Keeping Your Balance – $39

Fitness Manual

This Ebook has everything your body needs to move from where you are to your optimal physical performance levels. 

Buy as a package for $69

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