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We’re inspired by you.

Social media has largely impacted the way we interact and communicate with one another. It has helped individuals reach and connect with a wider audience, and opened countless opportunities for jobs and career growth. Online platforms have created the concept of social media influencers, enabling active and popular users to earn an income through their online presence. Evulv was created to give influencers a platform to share their fitness journey, allowing them to promote and share a story they are truly passionate about.

Will Schmarr

Founder / personal trainer

Our founder, Will Schmarr, was born and raised on the Gold Coast, Australia. Growing up he was surrounded by an active lifestyle, steering him towards a career in personal training and nutrition coaching. Will also has a career in modelling which encouraged him to utilise his social media platform to build an audience and create content. Having experience in modelling and being an influencer himself, Will wanted to create a platform that would allow him to work with influencers alongside his love for personal training.

With this in mind, Evulv was created, a platform designed to genuinely bring an influencer’s vision to the world. While Instagram has given influencers the room to build an expansive audience, Evulv helps influencers connect with their followers on a more deeper level. Evulv was inspired by you, for you, with the intention to connect with one another while creating a positive impact on the world.